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Sustainability initiatives


bell la bell's SDGs basic policy

Use for a long time and reuse

Bell Label values ​​the longevity of leather, and as part of our repair services, we repair more than 1,000 belts each year, including high-end brand belts that our customers have used for many years.
Furthermore, we redistribute the remaining leather left after manufacturing products to general consumers who love leather.

The keyword is “local production for local consumption”

Bell Label believes that ``manufacturing leather items in Japan that Japanese customers will love and use for a long time'' is the most sustainable way to tackle them.

We strive to procure natural leather of world standards.

We will continue to procure materials from companies that have obtained LWG certification, which is important in the global leather market.

Gentle natural leather made from plant-derived ingredients

Bell Label is a brand that uses many vegetable tanning products using plant-derived ingredients. Cordovan, Buttero, and Tochigi leather are representative examples.

In order to minimize the use of chemicals, Bell Label uses natural and vegetable-based ingredients as much as possible in the tanning process.

However, if you do not use chrome on black leather, color unevenness will occur. Using chromium reduces water consumption, so I feel it is important to find the right balance.

Leather products are made using the skin that comes from animals that are used for meat.
We do not take the lives of animals just for the sake of leather products.

With gratitude towards animals, we use the skin, which is a part of life, to make leather products without wasting any waste. This is an eco-friendly and sustainable activity that has been going on for a long time, and I believe it is my mission to continue doing so.