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About bell la bell

About bell la bell

About bell la bell


Bel la bell, a leather accessory brand from Japan, is a factory brand of Takanashi Co., Ltd. in Taito-ku, Tokyo.
They also make leather accessories for Japanese luxury brands, and their high level of technical ability is appealing.
We provide you with your favorite leather items that will naturally stretch your spine and make you feel even a little better when you wear them.
bell la bell handles everything from planning to manufacturing and sales in-house. Leather cutting, leather sanding, gluing, polishing, sewing, inspection... These steps are performed by hand by craftsmen. Take advantage of our many years of experience and enjoy the elegant design and high-quality feel.


"Bell la bell" is an original leather brand developed by Takanashi Co., Ltd., founded in 1974.
We develop high-quality and elegant leather accessories by leveraging the high sensitivity and technology we have cultivated over many years as a women's belt manufacturer.


Continuing to focus on "quality and technique".
Unlike mass production overseas, each piece is carefully sewn by craftsmen.
The techniques we have cultivated through experience are passed down to us, and belts, wallets, and bags are each made into products by the hands of specialized craftsmen.


made in Japan

The proportion of "Made in Japan" apparel products has now fallen to 3%.
Unfortunately, the number of long-established apparel factories with high technology is decreasing year by year.
Takanashi Co., Ltd., which operates the leather goods specialty store Bell La Bell, is also a long-established leather goods and apparel factory founded in 1974.
Many apparel factories have operated their business by contracting out manufacturing from apparel manufacturers.
However, the contract-based business model is susceptible to economic fluctuations and is vulnerable to price competition.

own brand

An effective way to break away from this is to launch your own brand.
Since we can set a fair price for our own brand products ourselves, this helps in the proper operation of the factory.
Since we can manufacture products during the factory's off-season, we don't have to strain our resources.
The joy of seeing our own brand on the tag of a product and the sense of accomplishment when it sells is great motivation for the people working at the factory.
By having a sense of ownership that you are involved in brand creation, it becomes easier to develop a desire to improve the quality even further.

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tradition and evolution

If you take spontaneous action, a path will definitely open up for you.
We cannot afford to drop the baton that our predecessors worked so hard to pass on now.
Takanashi Co., Ltd. will continue to develop products that are loved by customers with the keywords of "tradition and evolution" through the "leather goods specialty store bell la bell."