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ベルラベル POP UP情報

Bell label POP UP information

I feel sorry for you because I couldn't do anything for you, even though you came all the way. I'm also tired of literary theory. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just saying bad things about others, isn't it? Literature has also become disgusting. How do you say this? ``He became a writer because he hated literature.''
It's true. When the people, who originally didn't like fighting, stood up because they couldn't stand up anymore, this guy was strong. There's no enemy on the other side. Why don't you guys get a little too obsessed with literature? That's where truly new things come from.
Well, that's all there is to my literary theory, and the rest doesn't matter. firefly fire Fly , it's called the Silent Navy.
Thank you very much for coming to visit me, but I would be disappointed if you didn't play with me so much. I wish it was alcohol, but the alcohol that was distributed two or three days ago had already been consumed within the day. Unfortunately Unfortunately was. I want to go out for drinks somewhere. However, unfortunately, this is not the case. I spent too much money this month. siege Chikkyo It is the shape of I don't want to sell my books to drink, so I guess I'll hang in there, have some tea, and think about how I'm going to play tonight.
Did you come to play? wherever you go contempt Keibetsu He was worried about his finances, and he thought that maybe if he went to D's place, he might feel better, so he came here, right? It's an honor. It's a terrible thing to be relied on so much and not be able to live up to expectations.
Okay. Tonight, let me show you one of my albums. There may be some interesting photos too. Releasing an album to entertain guests is proof that this guy has no passion . Just when you're just trying to get rid of them, this album comes out. Be careful. Don't get angry. In my case, that's not the case. Unfortunately, I don't have any alcohol or money tonight. Literary theory is also disgusting. However, I feel bad for letting you go home in vain. So-called stomach So, as a last resort, they brought out such a meager album. Originally, I thought it was really unpleasant to show people photos of myself. That's disrespectful. It's not something you should show unless you're very close to them. It's disgusting that a man pretends to be nice. I just don't have much interest in photography itself. I have no interest in photographing or being photographed. I don't trust photography at all. Therefore, whether it's my own photos or someone else's photos, I don't really save them carefully. Usually in a desk drawer like this. capacity stomach Let's do it release Pana I keep it as a storage space, so I clean it little by little every time I do a major cleaning or move. dissipation san when So, there are only a few left. The other day, my wife organized the few remaining photos and made an album like this, and at first I too... exaggerated exaggeration I didn't approve of the idea, but as I slowly looked at the finished product, I felt a little emotional. Spring circle I came here. However, this is a secret emotion that is limited to me, and even if someone else saw it, it might not be interesting at all. Tonight, I don't have anything else to talk about, and I can't make any excuses for you, so I decided to bring this up in a desperate situation, so that's it. It may not be very interesting, but please take a look at it with the spirit of a poor person.
Let me explain something. It may sound like a bad picture-story show, but just listen and don't laugh.
There are no old photos. As I said before, due to relocation and deep cleaning, it was gone before I knew it. The first page of the album usually contains photos of the person's parents. Paste teeth However, my album does not have that either. I don't have any photos of my immediate family, let alone my parents. No, last fall, my older sister sent me a photo of her with her little eldest daughter, but that was really the only photo, and there were no other photos of her immediate family. I didn't intentionally exclude photos of my immediate family. I haven't corresponded with my immediate family from my hometown for over ten years, so this naturally happened. Also, most albums have photos of the owner as a baby or when they were in elementary school, which adds to the interest, but mine doesn't have any of those. It may be preserved in my hometown, but my money in hand Originally There is no. So, just by looking at this album, people have no idea what kind of horse I am. Should be Should be is. When you think about it, it's a rather cold album. In the opening volume, the first page, the main character is, as you can see, a high school student. Indeed, abrupt At last This is the first page.